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MF Fire Afterburner

Designed by fire scientists, MF Fire’s Afterburner wood stove retrofit dramatically lowers emissions by reducing start-up times and using secondary and catalytic combustion to eliminate pollutants in a wood stove’s exhaust. The start-up phase, the most polluting phase of wood burning, can contribute up to 70% of a wood stove’s total particulate emissions. By speeding and cleaning the start-up phase, emissions can be reduced by nearly 50%. Secondary and catalytic combustion further reduce emissions, scrubbing the remaining particulates so your wood stove emits nothing but carbon dioxide and water.
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The Afterburner is as simple as plug and go, connecting directly to your existing wood stove’s exhaust, replacing the bottom two feet of the stack, and plugging into any wall outlet. To start burning, you flip a switch, light the wood, and shut the door. Inspired by technology used in the Mulciber Stove, the Afterburner is another exciting design from MF Fire.

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