Reducing Pollution From Maritime Engines

Roughly 23% of the diesel exhaust in the Puget Sound region comes from the maritime sector. This sector includes diesel engines used in and around our region’s ports - powering drayage trucks, cargo-handling equipment,* ferries, tugboats, shipping vessels, etc.

We help businesses, government agencies and ports reduce diesel emissions and fuel costs through:Graph of diesel emission sources.

  • Best practices
  • Clean or alternative fuel
  • Engine upgrades
  • Repowers (engine replacement)
  • Retrofit technologies (exhaust retrofits and idle-reduction)
  • Vehicle replacements

*Note: For emissions inventory purposes, our agency includes cargo-handling equipment in the maritime sector and not in the off-road sector.


  1. At-Berth Clean (ABC) Fuels
  2. Harley Marine Engine Replace
  3. Island Tug & Barge Engines
  4. Idle Reduction Retrofits
  5. Equipment Retrofit & Replace
  6. SCRAPS Program
  7. Maritime Emission Inventory

At-Berth Clean (ABC) Fuels Incentive Program

  • Description: Partial reimbursement for shipping and cruise lines based on the volume of low-sulfur fuel burned while at berth at the Port of Seattle
  • Clean Air Strategies: Clean fuel
  • Air Pollution Reductions:
    • PM2.5: 35 tons to date
  • Project Period: Ongoing since 2009
  • Funding: $2,651,000 - Port of Seattle
  • Project Manager: Elizabeth Gilpin