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December 22, 2010 -- Final Agency Actions on NOC Permit Application & Source Testing Requirements

The Agency issued a final decision in association with the Notice of Construction (NOC) application submitted by Cedar Grove for the Maple Valley site.  This decision concludes a process that has been underway for many months to include public comment periods and public hearings on the proposed Order of Approval.

The Agency has reviewed all of the comments received and is issuing Order of Approval No. 10052 today without any additional revisions.  Revisions to the original proposed Order of Approval (open for comment between April 29 and June 15, 2010) were made based on comments received during that period.  No additional revisions have been made beyond those proposed on September 13, 2010.

In addition, the Agency is also issuing an Administrative Order (Order) to Cedar Grove today to Source Test as provided by Agency Regulation I, Section 3.05.  This Order requires Cedar Grove to collect specified emission data and report the results to the Agency.  This Order identifies all of the emission units and activities to be tested, the required methods of sampling and analysis, the operational data to be collected, and the schedule for completing the work and submitting the report.  This emission testing report will support future health impact analysis and planning with respect to emissions from the facility.

A copy of the letter sent to the community that participated in the public comment process regarding this decision is available at the link below.  Additionally, copies of the final Order of Approval No. 10052 and the Administrative Order to Source Test are available at the links below.

To review the records for this permit application review (including all comments, response to comments, and background documents), please visit: Background Information and Documents.  If you would like to request a copy of some of these documents, please contact the Agency to request the records.

In addition to comments on the proposed Order of Approval,  throughout this process the Agency received comments that reflected an interest in learning more about Agency processes and procedures, current Agency work related to this site, and the relationship between our air quality program and other agencies.  In the next month, the Agency will be sending out additional information on some of these issues and soliciting input about additional information the community would like to receive, as well as options for direct discussions that may work for community groups.

The Agency thanks all involved for their interest and efforts to participate in this process.  The comments have been helpful and informative.  We look forward to implementing Order of Approval No. 10052 and the Administrative Order to Source Test and will continue to share information as we progress.  If you have any questions, please contact Steve Van Slyke at (206) 689-4052 or at SteveV@pscleanair.org.