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We encourage affected business owners and citizens to become familiar with our regulations. You may view/download our current regulations below, or to request a copy be mailed to you, call 206.343.8800 or 800.552.3565.

Our regulations are periodically updated. Articles and Sections marked with an asterisk (*) were revised recently and are in effect as of November 1, 2013. If you previously downloaded a set of regulations, you need only download the recent updates. For a summary of the recent changes, click here.


Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Regulations

Regulation I* (PDF 3.65MB)

1-0* Table of Contents

1-1 Policy, Short Title, and Definitions

1-2* State Environmental Policy Act

1-3* General Provisions

1-4 Variances

1-5 Registration

1-6* New Source Review

1-7* Operating Permits

1-8 Outdoor Burning

1-9 Emission Standards

1-12 Standards of Performance for CEM Systems

1-13 Solid Fuel Burning Device Standards

1-14 Public Records

1-15 Nonroad Engines


Regulation II (PDF 0.47MB)

2-0 Table of Contents

2-1 Purpose, Policy, Short Title, and Definitions

2-2 Gasoline Marketing Emission Standards

2-3 Miscellaneous VOC Emission Standards


Regulation III (PDF 0.5MB)

3-0 Table of Contents

3-1 General Requirements

3-2 Review of Toxic Air Contaminant Sources

3-3 Source-Specific Emission Standards

3-4 Asbestos Control Standards


Summary of recent regulation updates

(changes in effect as of November 1, 2013)

Changes to Regulation I, Section 2.02 (Adoption by Reference):

Article 2 amendments provide a specific reference to the current effective date of the Agency’s incorporation by reference of the state Department of Ecology’s State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) regulations.

Changes to Regulation I, Section 3.11 (Civil Penalties) and 3.25 (Federal Regulation Reference Date) :

Article 3 amendments adjust the maximum civil penalty amount for inflation and update the federal regulation reference date.

Changes to Regulation I, Section 6.03 (Notice of Construction):

Article 6 amendments provide a technical clarification in the Notice of Construction (NOC) exemption list found in Section 6.03(c) regarding metal cutting.  The amendments move the exemption criteria that relate to thermal cutting to the metallurgy section of the exemptions and amend the material handling section for mechanical processes (e.g. cutting, sanding, etc.).  The change requires thermal cutting of stainless steel installed after November 1, 2013 to be subject to NOC review.  The change exempts thermal cutting of metal alloys that are not classified as stainless steel.  It also exempts thermal cutting of any metal (including stainless) if it is incidental to plant maintenance activities. 

Changes to Regulation I, Section 7.07 (Operating Permit Fees):

Article 7 amendments update two North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes to reflect the latest changes published in 2012 by the Department of Commerce.

Current proposals to change our regulations

The Board of Directors of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency holds public hearings to consider changes to our regulations during its regularly scheduled meetings. When a public hearing is scheduled, information is located on the Public Hearings page.

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View the Washington Administrative Code

Some of our regulations refer to the Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. You can read the complete text of the state air-quality WACs cited in our regulations by going to the Department of Ecology's Laws and Rules.

Questions for Clean Air Agency staff

If you have any questions about regulations, please contact our customer service representatives at 206.343.8800 or 800.552.3565. Or to contact us by e-mail, direct your request to our Topical Directory page.