Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Working together with business & industry

A clean air success story

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is the primary entity responsible for regulating air pollution from business and industrial activities in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Our programs, policies and regulations are designed to maintain air quality standards and protect human health. Working together with business and industry, significant air quality gains have been made in our region over the past few decades. Through a combination of technological innovations, emission reduction strategies and voluntary programs, business and industry now contribute less than four percent of total air pollution in our region.

Engineering Staff Directory by Topic:

  • Agricultural Burning: Kim Cole
  • Registration Information: Steve Van Slyke
  • Boilers (Gas and Oil), Fuel Combustion, Spray Painting, Remediation, Wood Finishing: MengChiu Lim
  • Point Sources (general), Aerospace, Coffee Roasting, Dry Cleaning: Carole Cenci
  • Boilers (gas and oil), Fugitive Dust, Gas Stations, Continuous Emission Monitoring, Source testing/methods, Oil Refining, Metal Finishing: Gerry Pade
  • Boilers (wood), Concrete Batch Plants/Crushers, Metallurgy, Incineration: Brian Renninger
  • Air Operating Permits, Emission Reduction Credits, Permit Fees: Steve Van Slyke
  • Composting, Cremation, Landfills, Sewage Treatment: Claude Williams

What do I need to do?

  • Permitting requirements for businesses
  • Instructions for Notice of Construction Permit Application
  • Emission reporting

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