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Diesel exhaust continues to be a significant air pollution issue and our highest health risk in the Puget Sound area. That's because diesel engines can run, literally, for a million miles, which means older, dirtier engines can remain on the road for decades.

For over a decade, we have been working to reduce harmful diesel exhaust from the air we breathe. Through our award-winning Diesel Solutions program, we collaborate with local businesses and governments to voluntarily reduce diesel exhaust from the following four transportation sectors:

  • Off-road equipment: construction, aircraft ground support, and cargo-handling.

  • On-road vehicles: buses, cars, trucks, waste haulers, etc.

  • Maritime vessels and equipment: cruise ships, cargo ships, tug boats, and cargo-handling equipment.

  • Rail: passenger, switching, and line haul locomotives.

Review the sector pages below to learn how we are helping to reduce diesel exhaust and improve fuel efficiency.


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Diesel exhaust & your health