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File a Complaint

Clean air is healthy air and healthy air is vital to all of our health and well-being. If you notice an air quality problem in your community please submit a complaint using one of the methods below.

We respond to complaints in King, Kitsap, Pierce or Snohomish counties. To submit a complaint in another county, locate the clean air agency for that county using this map.


 File a Complaint


IMPORTANT: All complaints become public records. As a public agency, we are required by regulations and state law to provide access to all complaints, including contact information, if a public record request is made. To learn about filing an anonymous complaint, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, contact our Inspection Department or call 800-552-3565.
Talking to your neighbor
Many times people are unaware of the effect their behavior is having on their neighbors, so we always suggest talking to them first. We find that in general, neighbor-to-neighbor talks are a helpful way to assist them into changing their behavior and are more effective than regulatory action.

Please visit our library for information that can be helpful when talking to your neighbor.

Always call 9-1-1 if you or someone else needs immediate medical attention due to an air quality problem.

File a Complaint Online
The fastest way to submit an air quality complaint to us is to complete one of the following online complaint forms:

For outdoor fires, visit outdoor burning.

File a Complaint by Phone or Mail
To file a complaint by mail or over the phone, have the following information ready:
  • Date and time of incident
  • If it is happening at that time
  • Address of incident including city and zip code
  • Who you think is responsible
  • Your contact information – name, address, and daytime phone number.

Phone complaints: Call our air quality complaint line at 800-552-3565 ext. 6 and leave a message with the complaint information when prompted.

To file a complaint in a language other than English, call 800-552-3565.

Mail complaints: Send to:

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Attn: Inspection Department
1904 3rd Ave, Suite 105
Seattle, WA 98101


 Frequently Asked Questions


Can I file an anonymous complaint?

Yes, although we do not respond to anonymous complaints for wood smoke, dust or odor complaints (see below FAQ).

Due to the number of complaints we receive, we focus our resources on complaints where the person complaining is willing to provide their contact information for any follow-up questions.

IMPORTANT: If you provide your contact information, we cannot keep it anonymous. Your complaint will become a public record. Being a public agency, we are required by our regulations and state law to provide access to your complaint (and contact information) if someone submits a request.

Why is my contact information required for complaints about odor, dust or wood smoke?

We need your contact information for complaints about odor, dust or wood smoke if we decide to take enforcement action against the offending party and need you as a witness.

However, you may anonymously report a burn ban violation. This is because we receive so many wood smoke complaints during a burn ban that we cannot respond to each individual complaint. Rather, we collect all complaints and use that information to help identify neighborhoods that are being most impacted by wood smoke during a burn ban and focus our enforcement activity.

Why do I call the fire department about an outdoor burning complaint?

Fire departments are the main contact for outdoor burning because they know where outdoor burning is allowed and banned. Where it is allowed, they issue burning permits with requirements that certain conditions be met. One of these conditions is that the fire not impact one's neighbors. Therefore, contact your local fire department if your neighbor's outdoor fire, permitted or not, is impacting you.

Who do I contact about idling trains in my neighborhood?

We do not regulate the emissions from trains, so we do not respond to complaints about idling trains. We recommend that you report your complaint to the railroad company.

To identify the owner of the idling train, here is a map of Washington's rail system. For railroad contact information, please see our list of Other Contacts.


 Other Contacts for Air Quality Complaints


King, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties:

Department of Ecology

Pierce County:

Department of Ecology
Rachelle Stane

*NOTE: If an odor is a result of agricultural activities, as defined by law, it may be exempt under RCW 70.94.640.


WA State Department of Agriculture: web site, 877-301-4555

Airplane Fuel Odors

Federal Aviation Administration: web site, 425-227-2000

Indoor Air


WA State Department of Labor & Industries
web site
360-902-5316 or 866-219-7321


WA State Department of Health
web site
(360) 236-4700

American Lung Association
web site
206-441-5100 or 800-732-9339


WA State Department of Health: web site, 360-236-4700

Lead Abatement

Your local health department:
web site

Department of Commerce
web site,

Natural Gas Odors

Puget Sound Energy: web site, 888-225-5773, or call 9-1-1

Noise Complaints

Contact your local city or county government offices.

Outdoor Burning

Fire departments are the main contact for outdoor burning. They may decide to refer outdoor burning complaints to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for investigation and enforcement. Visit our Outdoor Burning page​ to learn about outdoor burning rules.

Your local fire department: web site. If the fire is in progress, call 9-1-1.

Restaurant smoke & Odors

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency does not regulate restaurant emissions.

Contact your local county/city permit office. This website may provide some helpful information. 

A list of wood-fired commercial cooking best practices is available in English and Spanish​.


WA Rail System Map

Freight rail contacts:
web site

Passenger rail:

Sound Transit
web site

Amtrak Cascades
web site

Vehicle Exhaust

Washington State Department of Ecology: web site, 800-272-3780