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Mobile Spray Coaters

The Agency works to reduce nuisance and emissions of mobile spray coating through the use of low emission coatings, and capture of spray coating releases.


 Mobile Spray Coaters


Businesses that perform small-scale auto body spray coating outside of a spray booth must follow regulations designed to minimize their environmental impact. The important features of these regulations address mobility requirements and the size of allowable repairs outside of an exhausted spray booth. 

In summary, these rules include:

Applicability​ Rules apply to mobile spray coaters operating in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties
Registration Applicators m​ust register with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Certificate Provide a copy of your current registration certificate to customers before starting work at a site.
Enclosure Painting must be performed inside a portable shelter with a roof and 3 sides. The shelter must be re​moved at the end of each day.
Duration Do not paint for more than 5 consecutive calendar days or more than 14 days during any calendar month at any one site.
Paint volume Do not apply more than 8 ounces of coating to any single vehicle.
Surface area Do not prepare a surface area for spray coating or apply a spray coating to more than 9 square feet of any single vehicle.
Equipment Use only HVLP spray guns or equivalent
Minimize Emissions Collect solvents used for clean-up in a contained system. Keep paint and solvent containers closed except when using. Store solvent rags in closed containers.
Signage Post a sign visible to the public that includes your company name and telephone number for complaints.
Complaints Investigate all complaints within 1 hour of receipt. Correct problems or shut down operation within 2 hours of complaint.
Records Record each customer name and address, date, time and name of person making record entry. Keep all records for 2 years and available for Agency review.


 Permitting and Registration


Mobile spray coating operations for motor vehicles are required to be registered with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and to provide a copy of your current registration to each customer prior to starting work at a site. 

There are two ways to become an active “registered source”:

​Notice of Construction (NOC)

Mobile spray coating operations typically require a Notice of Construction (NOC) Order of Approval before starting operations. Those who operate exclusively with airbrushes that have a cup capacity less than or equal to 2 fluid ounces and an air flow of 0.5-2.0 cfm are exempt from NOC review and register directly (below).

To obtain an NOC Order of Approval, applicants need to complete a Form SCO and a SEPA Environmental Checklist and submit them to PSCAA with a filing fee of $1,150. Agency staff will:

  • review the application for completeness
  • identify the balance of the NOC review fees
  • prepare a draft Order of Approval for review
  • issue a final Order (once all fees are paid)

If the NOC application is incomplete, or requests approval of equipment that does not meet requirements, or the fees are not paid, the application may be denied.

​Direct Registration

Those who operate exclusively with airbrushes that have a cup capacity less than or equal to 2 fluid ounces and an air flow of 0.5-2.0 cfm are exempt from NOC review and can register annually. You will need to submit a Questionnaire for Registration form to the Agency.

Annual registration authorizes you to operate a mobile spray business subject to our regulations.

Once in the program, you will be sent an annual invoice each November, due at the end of the calendar year. These fees cover Agency costs for compliance and enforcement. Invoices that are unpaid will remove you from active registration and invalidates the NOC Order of Approvals. To reactivate in the program will require you to start over with a new NOC application.

If you receive an NOC Order of Approval during the calendar year between Registration invoice cycles, you are considered actively registered for that calendar year after the Order of Approval is issued.


 Registered Mobile Spray Coaters


Mobile spray coating operations with currently active registrations with this Agency are listed below.

If a mobile spray coating business is providing auto body touch-up spray coating services in the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency area (King, Kitsap, Pierce, or Snohomish counties) and is not on this list, that activity is not in compliance with applicable regulations and may be subject to enforcement action.

​Registration N​o. ​Source Name
29589 ​Angel's Touch
29159​​​ Auto Bee There Inc.*​​​​
29163 Auto Colors
29373 Auto Images*
29575 ​​Auto Paint Expert
29356 Chips Away Stull LLC
29890 ​​Color X-Press
12109 ColorAll, Technologies, DJS Enterprises Inc
29223 Colorwheels*
29146 ​Colorwheels
29153 Creative Automotive Restoration Services
29492 Dent Wizard
29026 DJ Auto Repair
29866 ​Fresh Finish
29218 Hardt, Inc
18397 Instant Autobody Inc.
29175 Just Paint
29036 Kar Kosmetics
29156 Mach One Graphic Designs*​
29158 Mickey G's*
29143 Mobil Auto Restoration*
12151 Mobile Finishes
28890 On-Site Autobody Inc
29901 ​Paint City Automotive
12140 Paint Logic Inc
28940 Paint Wizard
29887 ​Pang Poeng
29428 Reds Magic Brush
29894 ​Rodriguez Alfredo
29127 Sameday Inc*
29142 ​​ Spectrum Touch
29437 Spot-On Recon, Inc*
29160 T-L Mobile Paint Repair
29170 ​​The Color Specialist
29047​ Urenda Auto Painting
29022 Velocity Mobile Auto Paint

* These businesses are allowed to conduct mobile spray coating operations ONLY through the use of air-brush spray equipment with 0.5 – 2.0 CFM airflow and a maximum capacity of two fluid ounces.​​​​