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Business operations that create or have the potential to create air pollution within King, Kitsap, Pierce or Snohomish counties are regulated by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Air pollution sources must register with us and renew registrations annually. Businesses often need a permit from this agency before constructing a new facility, or before installing or modifying equipment that generates or emits air pollution. Many of these permit applications are subject to public comment.



Our programs, policies and regulations are designed to maintain air quality standards and protect human health. Working together with business and industry, significant air quality gains have been made in our region over the past few decades.
A permit is required of any new or modified air pollution source prior to construction or making operational modifications (including equipment, process, or design changes) that affect the level of air contaminants emitted. The registration process typically occurs through the Notice of Construction/Order of Approval program (or the Notification Program). Registration helps us maintain an accurate record of air contaminants and their sources, and ensure that businesses are complying with air pollution control requirements. It also allows us to assess the effectiveness of our efforts to maintain clean, healthy air in our region.
The list of activities requiring a Notice of Construction/Order of Approval, as well as the types of sources that are exempt, are detailed in Regulation I, Section 6.03 (PDF 0.1MB). If you are unsure which forms apply to your activity, our technical staff is available to assist you.
It is your responsibility to know which regulations apply to your business operation and to comply with them. Scan the headings below to identify the requirements that apply to your business activity.

Annual Fee/Pay my fee online

Apply for a permit: Notice of Construction/Order of Approval

Approved Air Operating Permits

New Construction Projects


Permits Open for Comment