Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Make your landscaping truly green
and help clear the air

Our yards can be our own private oasis, but some of the ways we keep our landscapes beautiful can have an ugly side effect.

Gas-powered yard equipment is not only noisy but spews exhaust into the air – in the summertime contributing about 13 percent of our region’s summertime ozone, which can result in smog.

However, our lawns and landscaping needn’t be an overgrown jungle to be air-friendly.  Rather, we can protect public health and help clear the air by choosing non-polluting electric mowers and other yard equipment.  Businesses and homeowners can help by switching to electric equipment or deferring gasoline-powered work when summer smog levels rise.

What we plant and where it is placed can also help a home or business’s energy efficiency by providing shade in the summer or blocking cold winds in the winter.  Minimizing the amount of lawn means less mowing and fewer emissions from yard equipment.  And through photosynthesis, plants help absorb greenhouse gases that can impact our global climate as well as filter out air pollution.

When we work with nature, we can create a beautiful landscape that’s easy-to-care for and a healthier place for our families to enjoy and protect our environment.


Mowing and Blowing