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Photo: a small pile of pellets in two open hands, courtesy Pellet Fuels Institute www.pelletheat.org Pellet Fuel

Pellet fuel is a biomass product made of renewable substances – typically recycled wood waste. Clean-burning pellet stoves are an efficient and affordable alternative to wood-burning.


  • Economical. For just pennies an hour, pellet stoves deliver cozy, constant heat.

  • Efficient. One pack of pellets provides several hours of steady heat.

  • Cleaner than cut wood. Emits significantly less wood smoke pollution than wood fires.

  • Easy to use. The auger automatically delivers the fuel to provide the heat you want. A battery back-up, available on many units, runs the auger during power outages.

  • OK to use during Stage 1 Burn Bans.

Note: Cannot be used during Stage 2 Burn Bans.

For more information:

Pellet Fuels Institute