Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Use No Idle Zone signIdling = zero mpg

Have you ever left your car engine running while you waited to pick up your children, or while you waited in the drive-through line at your bank or a favorite fast-food restaurant? Have you sometimes let your engine idle for several minutes to warm up your car first thing in the morning?

Most of us have. But when you leave your car or truck running while it’s parked or sitting still, the engine produces air pollution. This pollution contributes to problems like smog and global warming, and is also harmful to our health. Vehicle exhaust contains air toxics and fine particles, among other pollutants, which are associated with increased incidence of respiratory ailments and heart disease, as well as greater cancer risk.

Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to improved air quality and respiratory health in our communities.



Idling can be a hard habit to break.  But remembering to turn off the ignition while parked or waiting not only helps air quality in the immediate vicinity, but can also save fuel – and money.


Schools and other organizations

No one wants their children breathing exhaust, and yet a great deal of idling takes place at schools, where buses and cars line up to drop off and pick up children. Help make schools a healthier place for kids. Use the free No Idle Zone materials to implement an anti-idling program.



Engine idling costs businesses money in wasted fuel, engine wear and needlessly pollutes loading docks and other work sites with tailpipe exhaust.  Learn how to implement a work-place idling reduction program.


Driving smarter to reduce fuel consumption and
clear the air

Neglecting regular vehicle maintenance can cause your car to use more fuel and pollute the air more. Find out what simple steps you can take to get your car to run cleaner and use less fuel.