Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Think Twice About That Outdoor Fire!

Smoke from burning leaves and wood may seem harmless, but it’s as dangerous as cigarette smoke ‑ and can contribute to birth defects, cancer and lung disease.

Though most people have stopped burning garbage because it’s illegal and can carry large fines, many continue to burn yard waste, not realizing the damage it can do, or the fact that it’s banned in many areas. Rather than risk your health and that of your family, consider clean, healthy alternatives instead.


Alternatives to burning

Curb it, chip it, or compost it instead!


Smoke and your health

How smoke from outdoor fires puts your health – and that of your family - at risk.


Know the law

Burning illegally can result in fines of more than $17,000 a day. Get the facts before you light that match.


2009 outdoor burning rule change

Land-clearing burning is now banned throughout Kitsap County, effective Sept. 1, 2009.



It is always illegal to burn trash.