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Working Toward Healthier Communities

Land use and planning decisions affect the choices people make about where to live, the type of home to live in, and how to get around their communities. These choices in turn impact public health, air quality and the global climate. This PowerPoint presentation introduces information about these connections -- and the growth management decisions that can help create healthy people, healthy places and a healthy planet. Planners and others who may want to use this presentation are free to customize it for their local use. Or contact Paul Carr at the Clean Air Agency to schedule a presentation. He can be reached at 206.689.4085 or paulc@pscleanair.org.

Regional and neighborhood scale land use strategies for reducing greenhouse gases

These strategies offer some guidance and examples of how these policies can be implemented at the regional and neighborhood levels, where they are most useful, the benefits that can be achieved and timeframes for expecting a return on investment.

Land Use, Energy Consumption and Climate Change

The Clean Air Agency convened in 2007 a series of public workshops for the planning community on the linkages between air quality, planning decisions, health and climate change. Dr. Larry Frank of the Brookings Institution, University of British Columbia, shared his research. His presentation from the workshops is available below.