Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Land Use & Zoning

Growth is a hot topic around Puget Sound.  We’re concerned about congestion, sprawl, the price of housing, the length of our commutes. On the other hand, growth is good for jobs and the economic vitality of our region. Growing well is the key, and choices we make also affect our overall health and the air we breathe.

  • Compact communities encourage walking, biking and transit use, reducing driving and its associated air pollution.

  • People who live in walkable communities are more physically active, less overweight and healthier.

  • Denser development well designed can be both attractive and conducive to good health.

Planners and elected officials are important people in making smart growth choices in their communities, but they need to hear from citizens that these choices are what they want.  Learn more, and make your voice heard.


2007 Growth Management Policies