Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Environmental Justice

It is the mission of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to ensure that everyone in King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish counties has clean, healthy air to breathe. We work to protect public health, improve neighborhood air quality and reduce greenhouse gases to preserve our climate by:

  • adopting and enforcing air quality regulations;
  • sponsoring voluntary initiatives to improve air quality; and
  • educating people and businesses about clean-air and climate-friendly choices they can make.

With our 2007 Strategic Plan (PDF) in mind, we are working to broaden our environmental justice efforts.

Below you will find the our definitions for Environmental Justice and Environmental Justice Community, as well as links to our Environmental Principles and Best Guidance Practice.

Environmental Justice: A commitment to actively involve environmental justice communities in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies regarding air quality so that these communities do not bear a disproportionate amount of pollution impacts and feel adequately protected by our agency and its policies.

Environmental Justice Community: Any identifiable group of low-income and/or minority persons who live in geographic proximity, and if circumstances warrant, geographically dispersed/transient persons who would be similarly affected, and are disproportionately affected by bad air quality.

Watch for more updates on Agency projects and activities in various communities in our region.